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Meet Brad…

Qualifications, Training & Studies
BA (Hons) Applied Sports Science and Coaching with Education
Emergency Medical Technician
PGCE Secondary PE (studied)
City & Guilds 7303 (PTLLS)
First Aid Instructor / Assessor
Advanced Resuscitation Teacher / Examiner
AED Instructor
Fire Safety Trainer
Manual Handling Instructor
COSHH Trainer
Food Hygiene Trainer
Infection Control Trainer
Medication Awareness Trainer
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Trainer
Dementia Awareness Trainer
Before “Atlantis”…

…It all started whilst at University studying to be a PE teacher. At that time I was already a lifeguard, swimming teacher and had worked in hotels on functions, so I already knew I loved to teach/train/instruct and give amazing customer service! I also knew I liked to teach in ways that were interesting, fun AND got results.

I put myself on a First Aid and Lifeguard Instructor Course and loved every minute of it. It complimented my sports degree and background and I began to question my PE teacher aspirations. I felt there was much more freedom to use active and realistic training in first aid and it would make more of a difference to people’s lives. I really believed that first aid training as a whole was very dated and needed an injection of fresh, modern and up-to-date training techniques.

I began running first aid courses almost immediately, feedback from customers was brilliant and in September 2007, Atlantis First Aid was born!

So what makes you tick?

1) Being different… why do we do anything the way we do? Is it because its always been done that way? Well my thinking is (unless the way we do it already gets perfect results) why not try something different! I try to use my knowledge of teaching in all areas (school teaching, coaching, classroom, swimming, and workplace) to come up with the best method to impart the knowledge. I’m loathed to simply replicate what other trainers do or how “my instructor taught me to teach it” (or even worse – what the next PowerPoint slide says!)

2) Being liked… We all want this (even if it sounds a little contrived!). My aim is for managers to like me because we were flexible with dates and times and so our training hasn’t gotten in the way of their normal working operations. For Business owners to like me, because they’ve received up-to-date information without having to hunt for it and been given a sensible price for high quality training. Last but by no means least I want to be liked by the staff who attend my training and (hopefully) leaving with feelings of surprise at how enjoyable and painless the training was. How useful the content was or how surprised they were that the topics were delivered in a different or innovative style.

3) Being helpful… genuinely if I can… I will. If your budget won’t stretch, or you have run out of first aid stock. If you have an inspection due and you need some advice or you can’t find some details or resources. Just ask and if I can help, we’ll work together to find a solution. My accountant doesn’t like it – but I have a habit of “giving” resale items away (bandages when we realise your one short etc.). Tell me off please!

4) Being honest… (If you speak to those who know me well – possibly too honest!). There are a lot of excellent training providers out there. There are also a few don’t quite make it into that category. I pride myself on my professionalism and openness. If I felt that another provider would be better suited to your requirements e.g. different skill set or more advanced requirements, timing or budget – I’ll let you know. I also pride myself on my integrity. I will never oversell or advise a higher level (or cost) of training if it is not required. My aim is to give you the relevant information (and source so that you can evidence your decision). Ultimately, the client has to decide what is acceptable – but to be fully informed is the only position to make that decision from.

5) Being around good people… Sounds silly, but I love my job! I get to meet a group of great people nearly every day! If they can learn, smile a lot, laugh occasionally, team build, gain confidence and look forward to future courses… I’m a very happy trainer! You’ll be glad to know that I teach people, not lesson plans or syllabi! So if we’re struggling on a topic or concept, we might need to spend a little longer on it, or if we’ve grasped it extremely quickly, I’ll move on (both then and now!)

6) Being in business!… as we’re all aware, recent times have been difficult to say the least. Thankfully, we have a great core of regular clients whom we have a great ongoing relationship. Many of which I consider to be good friends.
Atlantis thrives because I love what I do! Ever had a trainer in a desperate rush to get home or buzzing through endless PowerPoint slides because they don’t care enough to know the content back to front and inside-out? The people I choose work with know that I love to train and they gladly reap the benefits of that. What they also do is share Atlantis as a resource with anyone and everyone whom they think will benefit too!

I genuinely believe that our successes are because of that “reap and sow” and I thank you all for allowing me to wake up every day to a “job” that I Love! …Keep referring!

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